Flavors & Aromas

The gastronomy of the area reflects the morphology of Pelion. Combining mountain and sea, you can taste local delicacies and game under the coolness of the plane trees in the squares of the villages, as well as fresh fish, seafood and local spirits by the sea.

The primary ingredients used in Pelion cuisine are naturally gathered, such as chestnuts, mushrooms, walnuts, wild greens, ferns, blueberries, apples and a plethora of herbs from the mount of Centaurs. The most traditional dish in all of Pelion is the Spetzofai. Kritama (crithmum maritimum), trahanas, soup, bean soup (“fasolada”) and fried fish balls (“psarokeftedes”) are some of the unique local flavors, however the highlight is the dish “tsitsiravla”.

In South Pelion there is a large fishing activity that supplies the markets and seaside restaurants with the freshest seafood every day. In Milina, Agia Kyriaki, Kottes and Katigiorgis, there are several family-run taverns where the locals await to give you a unique culinary experience with primary ingredients straight from the production of our fishermen. Be sure to try the local langoustine spaghetti (“karavidomakaronada”). The locals claim that the fresh waters of the Pelion springs that end in the Gulf nourish the langoustine by giving them a rich taste, which you can only experience here!

Prefer to accompany your meals with local spirits. Choose any kind of tsipouro from a plethora of different options (Thessalian, Tokali, Apostolaki, Timblalexi) and allow the waiters to suggest the most suitable appetizers, as is customary at the "tsipouradika". Enrich the flavorful trip to Pelion with the aromas of fine local wines. The winemakers of the area (Patistis, Mylonas, Milea-Karipidis) utilize the natural resources with great responsibility and passion, in order to bring to your glass aromas that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

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